Oly Log Screws

These screws feature a 5/16" hex head, one driver is included in each box. Shank is 3/16" diameter with a thread diameter of 1/4" and thread length of 2".

Oly Log Screws

Product Description

Oly Log Screw Image Oly Log, log home screws are packaged in boxes of 250 screws, except for 2 1/2" size which is boxed in 500 quantity.

    Olympic Olylog Screws Feature;
  • Easier & faster installation than lags or spikes.
    -Saves Time & Fatigue
    -Dramatically Lowers Installed Cost
  • Requires no predrilling.
    -Eliminates On-site Drilling
    -Eliminates Manufacturing Drill Stations
  • Countersinks into the log.
    -Allows Log to Settle Naturally
  • Draws warped logs down.
  • Removable & Reusable
  • Eliminates jarring and damage caused by hammering.
  • Engineered for increased strength & performance.
    -Average Ultimate Shear Strength=2995 lbs.
    -Average Olylog Pullout Strength=1450 lbs.

We generally stock 4" thru 16" sizes. If we are out of stock we may drop ship orders directly from the warehouse, which may require additional ship time.
Installation Recommendations Other Uses for Olylog Screws
  • Use a 1/2" High Torque, Low RPM Drill
  • Install Olylogs Perpendicular to the Log
  • Countersink the Olylog a Minimum 1/4"
  • Dovetail Attachments
  • Post & Beam Construction
  • Beams and Rafter Applications
  • Framing Attachments