Cob Blaster Rental

Cob Blaster Rental by the Day or Week

Cob Blaster Rental
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Product Description

Rent our corn cob blasting machine by the day ($100/day) or by the week ($600/week).
Our machine is an extra large capacity 3.5 cubic foot machine, which means less time stopped for refilling the hopper. This means you get greater production and less time on the job, saving you money.
The rental period starts from the day the machine leaves our warehouse until it returns. You will be charged a security deposit which will be refunded once the equipment is returned in clean and undamaged condition. There is also a $150.00 filter cleaning and maintenance charge in addition to the rental amount.

You will need to provide a minimum 150cfm compressor. This is generally available from your local contractor's rental store. These compressors are usually used to operate jack hammers and other large construction equipment. They are most often trailer mounted and run on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Contact us for availability and scheduling of Cob Blaster Rental, shipping is charged FOB our warehouse both directions via truck line. The shipping weight on this unit is about 425# including the crate.

Here is what is included in the rental package price;
  • 3.5 Cubic Foot Blast Machine Hopper
  • 50 Feet of Large Diameter Blast Hose
  • #4 Blast Nozzle w/KwikFire Trigger System
  • NIOSH Approved Respirator w/Helmet,50 Foot Airline and Hood
  • Beathing Air Line Filter and Regulator
  • Shipping Crate and Complete Safety & Operations Manual
Cob Blast Machine
What is not included in the rental package price;
  • Blast Media Abrasives (Corn Cob)
  • 150cfm Air Compressor
  • Protective Clothing (i.e. Blast Suit, Leather Gloves, Ear & Eye Protection, & Safety Shoes, etc.)
  • Breathing Air Monitoring (Grade "D" Quality Air Required) OSHA requires that a CO gas monitor be used in conjuction with this system.
Blast Machine Configuration
Blast Machine Configuration Drawing
    Component Identification
  1. Blast Machine Lid (optional)
  2. Blast Machine Screen (optional)
  3. Compressor Air Hose (not included)
  4. Remote Control System
  5. Air Hose Coupling & Gasket
  6. Moisture Separator
  7. Metering Valve
  8. Safety Cable (optional)
  9. 50' Blast Hose w/Coupling & Gaskets
  10. Remote Control Line
  11. Remote Control Handle
  12. #4 Blasting Nozzle
  13. Blasting Gloves (not included)
  14. Abrasive Resistant Blastsuit (not included)
  15. 50' Breathing Air Line
  16. Climate Control Device
  17. Air Line Filter
  18. CO Gas Monitor (not included)
  19. Ambient Air Pump (optional configuration,not included)
  20. 150cfm Air Compressor (not included)
  21. Abrasives (not included)
  22. Supplied Air Respirator, Helmet & Hood
Supplied Beathing Air Configuration Optional Breating Air Configuration
Rental Package Breathing Air Configuration Alternate Breathing Air Configuation
This is the rental package configuration. This configuration is available at additional cost.

Please note:
The operation of this equipment without fully reading the manuals and understanding the use and operation of each component of this package can result in serious injury or death to the operator and other persons, damage to property and substrates. Failure to provide beathing air quality monitoring may be dangerous or cause death. Serious injury or disease may result from the breathing of dust from these operations. Always consult operations manuals and safety information before using any media blasting equipment. State, local and federal laws and regulations may apply to the use of this and other media blast equipment. It is the sole responibility of the renter and/or operator to fully understand and comply with any and all regulations and safety requirements.
Additional information on media blasting safety and requirements for air quality monitoring is available at the following websites;
Occupatiional Safety and Health Administration
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health