Cedar Posts & Beams

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Our logs are naturally grown Eastern Red Cedar, Scientific name-(Juniperus virginiana). Known for it's deep purple/red heartwood and rich aromatic smell, the Eastern Red Cedar is considered a nuisance by many people because it has been known to take over previously cleared fields and farms.

We use it because of it's beautiful character, color and excellent workability. The natural form and rustic characteristics are great for log furniture, rails, stairs, posts and beams.

We select cedar posts and beams based on your size requirements, from random logs. We can provide hand selection of logs to meet your specifications as to character, color and etc. at a modest upcharge. This charge will vary based on exactly what you are requesting and how selective you are. Full round logs and posts available from one foot length and up.

Before placing your order please see the graphic below to understand the characteristics of natural taper. Natural taper varies greatly from tree to tree, but generally averages from 1/8" to 3/8" per running foot of length. Our pricing is based on nominal diameter at the largest point. Therefore if you order a 7" to 8" diameter log by 8' long it will about 7" to 8" in diameter at the largest point and taper about 3" over the length of the log to approximately 4" to 5" diameter at the small end.

Eastern Red Cedar Natural Taper
Average Taper 1/4" per Linear Foot of Length
Natural taper in a 3 inch diameter log 96 inches long will be about 2 inches Natural taper in a 8 inch diameter log 144 inches long will be about 3 inches
Natural Taper Equals
8 ft. length x 1/4"/lf = 2" of taper
8 x .25 = 2"
Natural Taper Equals
12 ft. length x 1/4"/lf = 3" of taper
12 x .25 = 3"
The graphic above demonstrates average taper, and is not absolute. Some logs may taper more or some may taper less. We will be happy to help you determine the correct sizing to meet your expectations. All dimensions may vary plus or minus.

Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks for delivery. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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